Old professions

The not so distant past, that of our fathers’ and grandfathers’, has left great traces of creativity and love for their work. The “shops”, as they were commonly called, have crowned and nourished our childhood fantasy, leaving ample memories that in time have been transformed in creativity; hence, the art of making has been cultivated and grown in us.

Thinking of the past, everything was harmony: the banging of the blacksmith’s hammer, the song of the carter, the singing of the extractors of essence that came from the storehouses for the processing of citrus fruits, the sound of the singsongs of the women working at the loom, and the long evenings in front of the brazier. Along the streams, the sound of the grindstone that ground wheat or the one turned by the mule for the olives and throughout the neighbourhood, the smell of must…

(Tratto dal libro “Dialogo con le pietre” di Mariano Pietrini)