Guided tours

Jalari’s avenues range from the mythological and historical world to modern times creating a wellness course: a physical and psychological walk, from that of Dreams and across the different stages of the human mind that will allow the visitor to discover the pleasure of being human.
Along the avenues, the 40 ethnographical shops, tell about the fatigue and the laboriousness of our master artisans and exalt not so much the tools (ca 15,000 all original) as those who used them.
Spread throughout the Park Museum, in a luxurious vegetation coloured by 40,000 trees, hundreds of stone sculptures and fountains made by Prof. Mariano Pietrini give word to the wind.
The stone architectures of Salvatore Pietrini, inspired by the cultures that dominated Sicily throughout centuries, create a pleasant harmony for the eyes that admire them.
Jalari’s tour guides will conduct you in a journey
of culture, history and ethnography bringing back to mind values, traditions and tastes of ancient Sicily.
Fee: € 25,00 from 1 to 20 visitors; € 1.00 per visitor for 21 visitors and over.

Bookings for Tour Guides must be made at least 2 days before c/o the secretary’s office.