Congress Centre

The Jalari Congress Centre strengthens and completes a Tourist-congressional organization that is able to satisfy any need.
It is strategically positioned near main roads, therefore it can easily be reached by the Highway A20 (exit at Barcellona) and from the SS. 113 State road. In particular it provides enough space and services to accommodate up to 400 people at a time.
There are other halls that can accommodate up to 30 people (meeting room) and up to 250 people (recreation room). The whole structure is furnished with the most up to date technological tools and support for congressional activities. The Centre is suitable for personalized Conventions of Trade-Union Organizations and Associations, Credit Institutions, University seminars, Religious cohabitations and Business meetings. The Catering&Relax sector with Jalari’s bio-farm holiday is of importance. This Tourist-congressional offer can include complete and flexible packages composed of: a congress centre, catering, hotel accommodation and entertainment. All coupled with traditional Sicilian hospitality and extremely advantageous conditions.