Kousmine method. audience to Jalari Park Museum: “What are the foods that prevent disease”

E ‘was greeted by a full public, the lecture given by Dr. Fabrizio De Gasperis, President of ‘Associazione Medica Amik,Thursday, June 2 in the conference room ofPark Jalari Museum in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto.

metodo kousmine

The Amik adopt Kousmine method on proper nutrition and, for the occasion, the doctor explained the pillars on which it is based:

    • Healthy foods,
    • Control of the acidity,
    • Control of intestinal health,
    • The use of supplements in a rational manner, and a psychological approach to life.

      Through video projections, De Gasperis, pointed out to the audience, such as foods that come from the earth are not always good to eat . “Think of the giant zucchini from the supermarket, to strawberries in a few days by white immediately become red, or clementines from Spain in which the box it says that you can not swallow.” So you need to eat the foods from the market by a trusted person , such as vegetables and fruits, fiber, legumes, decrease the white flour and meat, avoid refined sugars that are carcinogenic .One morning, in short, very constructive for the large audience present at ParcoMuseo Jalari, who got acquainted with Kousmine method mainly because it is from what we eat that depends on our physical and mental well being.



Thursday, June 2, 2016 on the occasion of Republic Day, will host the fourth edition of the Feast of the Orange at the Park Jalari Barcelona Museum of Judicial Police (MYSELF)
The Cultural Association Environmental Ethnographic Jalari , on the occasion of the Feast of the Orange wants to evoke the old shop ethnographic “U Spiritaru” extraction of essential oils from the peel of citrus fruits.
 Sicilian Orange is indeed renowned throughout the world, because it stands above the others due to its characteristics: the sun and climate of Sicily, make it unique, juicy, and full of good organoleptic properties precious health.
extraction of essential oils from citrus has long been one of the main economic activities of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto . work great meticulousness and patience, which on this occasion will be repeated live, through the various steps of the production process: “rift”, “quarrying”, bathroom quicklime and water, essential oil extraction.
Entrance ticket € 5.00
Children under 10 years free entry.
lunch adults € 33.00
Lunch Children € 20.00

The program includes:

  • At 10.00 am Opening of the Park Jalari and tours .
  • 10.00 Opening of the exhibition “Santulubbiranti” (paintings of the folk tradition of the province of Messina) by the small ethnic laboratory Malanova.
  • 10.00 Opening of the exhibition “Soul Vibration” (on the construction of the jew’s harp in Sicily) curated by Rene Purpura and in collaboration with the World Marranzano Festival.
  • 11:30 am Conference / Debate “What is Kousmine method?” by dr. Fabrizio de Gasperis (President AMIK non-profit organization)
  • 13.00 Lunch in the ‘ farm.
  • 16.00 Animation workshop “U Spiritaru” (the essential oil extracted from orange)
  • 19.00 Day in Ballu
    musical interventions
    “Sicilian Society of short fencing” with John and Joseph Bonnaccorsi (short fencing), Gaspare Balsamo (cuntu), Giancarlo Parisi (bagpipe), Giorgio Maltese (tambourine and jew’s harp).

    For info: info@parcojalari.com
    0909746245 -3927911554

June 1/2: Laboratory of tambourine pizzica with S. Raw and G.Nuzzo members of the group: tambourine Torrepaduli.
Cost € 30.00
For info: 3927912211

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mostra fronteA son, talk about Mariano Pietrini-artist is quite complex, as mine, is a vision influenced by diversipunti of view that often lead me to the clash, albeit peacefully with my father. It follows that, in writing this presentation, I will refer to him as Mariano Pietrini and not as a father, in order to offer a vision as objective as possible the reasons that led us to work together in this project – gallery.

Some years ago in connection with moving house, we found ourselves having to s_1SC1115vuotare il

Deposit of his paintings and, between dust and paperwork, we have cataloged over 2,000 works and serviced. Having to give them a logical arrangement on the shelves, it quantosia significant guide to the passage of time for an artist. When viewing the works we found ourselves in front of distinct groups of paintings characterized by themes and techniques: terraces realized with such nuanced oil technique, cathedrals tridimenzionali, semitridimenzionali, oil paintings; blue seas Oil and agrilico; of oil paints explosions with fat brush, baskets, flower vases ….

The list goes on and is fairly long. But that’s not all. To my astonishment, some subjects are repeated over time, perhaps played with different techniques; others are temporary object of attention of Mariano Pietrini, the result of momentary experiments that, after a series of five or six operas, are abandoned.


Work after work is perceived the soul of unartista, sometimes euphoric, sometimes in love, happy, but also sad, disillusioned and fearful …

Do not deny that, in front of some works, I dwelt in the pursuit of date stated on the work, to understand what was the state of mind of Mariano Pietrini at that particular period of his life, and if, any mood had He could somehow affect me too.

In those few days I think I understand better: the works of unartista are the mirror and forty ‘years of work is a way of life. An evolution, not only technical and style, but also and especially of themes and meanings. In light of this, when a few months ago Mariano entered my office speaking to the gallery, I immediately imagined this space as a place in which to place collected a limited number of works divided by subject and technique.

And what better theme to choose for the opening unless the colors and the light: elements that are repeated in sixteen works produced between 1988 and 2015, placed in a neutral space made to allow the visitor to concentrate on every single work, rejoice of each brush stroke and nuance and get lost in the eddies, fields and sunny skies.

This is the path that led us to set up this space regularly will put on a new character.

I wish you a good visit

Nino Pietrini

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