Farm Holidays

Within the Park Museum’s wonderful frame, the Bio-farm holiday is the ideal place to stay in tune with nature. From the constructions made with natural material (bioarchitecture), to food and typical rooms furnished in ethnic Sicilian style, everything has been thought out to allow a vacation in total relaxation with the utmost respect for the environment.
Following the concepts of “eating healthy” and love for nature, the dishes tasted in the Jalari Bio-farm holiday’s restaurant come from typical Sicilian recipes. These take you on a trip through tradition and the discovery of tiny secrets handed on from our grandmothers, who gave the recipes scents, aroma and flavours forgotten today.

The Jalari Bio-Farm Holiday offers:

  • A guided tour of the Park Museum
  • Trekking
  • A promenade of wellness in the nautral park
  • Relaxation on stone beds
  • Theatrical shows, musicals, festivals (according to seasonal programs)
  • Courses (according to seasonal programs)